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About Us


Cutting-edge technology. Frontera Group companies utilize best-in-class solutions and service delivery to launch business to the next level of capabilities.


Capital availability. Frontera Group subsidiary companies are advantaged through a corporate structure that supplies growth capital and synergistic technologies.


The group is positioned to become a market leader under their 3-year capital, acquisition, and organic growth strategy.

Read The Story Behind Our Success

Frontera Group is a publicly-traded technology company in the business of strategically acquiring revenue-generating companies and intellectual property.

We are deploying an aggressive, four-tier acquisition and implementation plan targeting the technology and human capital markets.

Our primary objective is to deliver substantial increases in profitability to our acquisitions in mature industries which possess traditionally low and stagnant EBITDA multiples.

Strong Revenue Growth
Free Cash Flow
High Digital Share
Liquid and Debt Free Balance Sheet

Frontera caters to the requirements of our marketplaces, investors, and businesses with regard to raising equity, traded products, issuer services, and market data.

Why Choose Us?

Deep Knowledge In Design, Development, & Strategy

  • Experience in Media & Cloud Platforms with a Proven Track Record
  • 40+ years of experience in the acquisition, management, and delivery of video
  • Darshan and Teodros have been developing custom media management and delivery applications for more than 40 years.
  • Immersient, a Frontera Group Company, creates custom + effective solutions because our code and our team are inseparable – neither stands on its own

Compelling Investment Opportunity

  • Provides an Integrated Solution
  • Delivers Scale with Global Capabilities
  • Significant Barriers to Entry
  • Compelling, Highly Visible Financial Model
  • Diverse End Market Exposure
  • Proven Management Team with Significant Experience

Exceptional Growth

Frontera Group leverages decades of operational excellence, and a wealth of enterprise insights and relationships, to accelerate organic growth for subsidiary companies

Enhancing Revenue

Frontera’s model is to create new streams of revenue from subscription programs, licensing agreements, and data analytics, and by taking advantage of opportunities to up-sell the client bases of the companies we acquire.

Portfolio Business Compatibility

We nurture our existing businesses through streamlining and refocusing products and services, leveraging existing client relationships, deploying holistic sales and marketing programs, and expanding our offerings through third-party developer initiatives.


We seek to acquire complementary technology and service providers that will increase Frontera’s top-line revenue, bring synergistic customers, and enhance our intellectual property portfolio.

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