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Strategic Vision

Frontera Group is a publicly-traded technology company in the business of strategically acquiring revenue generating companies and intellectual property.

We are deploying an aggressive, four-tier acquisition and implementation plan targeting the technology and human capital markets.

Our primary objective: To deliver substantial increases in profitability to our acquisitions in mature industries which possess traditionally low and stagnant EBITDA multiples.

Enhancing Revenue

Frontera’s model is to create new streams of revenue from subscription programs, licensing agreements, and data analytics, and by taking advantage of opportunities to up-sell the client bases of the companies we acquire.

The potential to drive substantial increases in the profitability of Frontera’s acquisitions.

The Opportunity

We nurture our existing businesses through streamlining and refocusing products and services, leveraging existing client relationships, deploying holistic sales and marketing programs, and expanding our offerings through third-party developer initiatives.

We seek to acquire complementary technology and service providers that will increase Frontera’s top-line revenue, bring synergistic customers, and enhance our intellectual property portfolio.

Frontera is positioned for growth, both organic and accretive.

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